Bethenny Frankel Just Made Weed Basic With Skinny Girl Marijuana


Okay, holy shit! We have all watched Bethenny Frankel’s Skinny Girl Cocktails business sky rocket. The Ex-Real Housewife ended up sitting pretty with her newly acquired twenty-five million dollar net worth. Every mogul needs to grow their business, but maybe Bethenny has taken that a little too literally. This skinny babe has been reported to be looking for the perfect place to grow her own strain of marijuana. This is funny for multiple reasons. One, I’m one hundred percent positive weed makes you fat (not skinny). Two, any misconceptions about whether old women smoke weed or not have now been cleared up. Happy Tuesday, your mother rolls a better blunt than you do.

My coolest friends smoke the most weed. Therefore, weed is cool. What isn’t cool? Skinny Girl Marijuana. I don’t want to see diet obsessed, middle aged women smoking weed just to be skinny. I want to see a hotty with scruff smoking up because he’s awesome! I don’t know, the weed culture has definitely taken a turn with this new generation. We used to admire recreational smoke sessions by watching a Ja Rule music video or even Seth Rogen in Freaks And Geeks, now it’s plastered on socks, crop tops, and there are fourteen year olds smoking out of pipes shaped like a flamingo because they think it’s cute. It’s not cute. All I know is, Bethenny Frankel just made weed basic. May you all spark one up in memory of what was and what never will be — chill weed.

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