6 Oscar Speeches That Prove Actors Are Just Like You, But Way Weirder

The Academy Awards are mere hours away — pretty soon, we’ll see if Leonardo DiCaprio can actually nab a statue.

But let’s not forget about what’s really important here — the gowns, and the winners. And the winners’ gowns (we’re looking at you, Halle Berry). And the winners’ speeches.

Watching Oscars speeches is one of my favorite things to do. We get see our most-loved actors in their best moments. We get to seem them at their most vulnerable. We get to see them at their weirdest. Below, see the best Oscars speeches of all time, aka the most awkward. Here’s hoping Leo makes it onto this list on Sunday.

1. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are Adorable Puppies

2. Matthew McConaughey is a Lowkey Lunatic

3. Sorry, But Halle Berry Cries Really Weird

4. Nicolas Cage is Terrifying (You Already Knew That)

5. Next Time, Try Less, Melissa Leo

6. Kate And Leo Are Like Your Friends Who Won’t Admit They’re In Love. 

(That’s a Golden Globes Speech. Oh well.)

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