I Think I Just Got The Best Manicure In Los Angeles

We all have our top secret nail salon. When our girl shows us her ‘spot,’ we know our friendship is reaching new levels. Some ‘spots’ are cheap, some are expensive, some are in the ghetto, and some are inside of a spa, but when we find a manicurist that does a good job, we hold on to her for dear life and tell only our most trusted circle of gal-pals. I’ve lived in the heart of Los Angeles for 5 years, and I haven’t been loyal to ANY nail salon…until this morning.

MARS the Salon in West Hollywood has officially won my nail design heart over. Upon my arrival, I selected my summertime blue from an array of Chanel nail polishes and was escorted to a private suite complete with a lounge chair and flat screen TV. I felt like I died and went to nail heaven. Taken from the Tokyo culture, two technicians gave me the most detailed attention and care during my visit. My mani/pedi was completed in an hour sharp, although I wish I could have stayed there…forever. But at the end, they brought me a warm tea and some luxurious chocolate to ease me into my departure.

My manicure couldn’t be more perfect, and that’s coming from an OCD perfectionist. After many years looking for my nail art soulmate, I think I’ve found love in MARS the Salon. Pricey, a little…but I’m worth it!

Galore Mag Mars the Salon

Mars the Salon

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