Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes

1) Starting with the obvious… Miley as Lil Kim. Not only was her rendition of the outfit ON POINT, this VMA Red Carpet look is arguably the greatest ever (it’s obviously my favorite). Miley gets execution props and overall respect to her excellent taste.

miley lil kim

Also, here’s a Lil Kim classic party banger, in case you had forgotten this incredible song.

2) Not to be on Miley’s d too hard, but her Nicki Minaj costume was pretty epic too. What can I say the girl knows how to do Halloween.

miley nicki

3) You can’t have a celebrity Halloween costumes list with out mentioning Heidi Klum at least several times. The supermodel hosts an annual the most over the top Halloween party in Vegas every year, that I will someday be invited to, because she’s so obsessed with holiday. As if you didn’t already think so, how much cooler does that make her. Here are my top three fave Heidi costumes.

Heidi as a HUGE robot.
heidi klum

Heidi as Kali, an Indian goddess.
Absolut 100 Presents Heidi Klum's 9th Annual Halloween Party

Heidi as a person with no skin.
heidi skin

Had to share those just to make you feel like your costume for tonight is inadequate.

4) Leave it to Alexa Chung to have the classiest/coolest costume. Back in 2008, Ms. Chung was a Zombie Marie Antoinette.Totally fabulous, right? Perfect blend of looking gorgeous but not trashy, and putting a creative spin on a classic idea.

alexa chung marie

5) I was just re-reminded of this one recently and it’s still fabulous. One year, Robert Cavalli dressed up as Karl Lagerfeld and it was completely awesome. Not only does he look EXACTLY like him, I’m pretty sure he hired those models to follow him around all night and stand next to him which makes the whole thing 100% more fantastic.


6) Emma Roberts as Vivian in Pretty Woman. Emma gets a shout out for looking fantastic, being creative, and also paying homage and keeping it in the family. Also this is probably the only costume so far that we could actually replicate.

Emma Roberts and boyfriend Evan Peters go to a Halloween Party

7) Last year, Kate Moss and her husband Jamie Hince wore some kind of Day of the Dead/Zombie couple thing. Not exactly sure what it was, but they looked rad. Also impressive that Ms. Moss managed to somehow make the couple’s costume seem cool. Queen

kate moss

8) Or you could just say f*** it and be a Cheeto. I’m really into this one for some reason. Katy Perry went to Kate Hudson’s Halloween party last night dressed as a giant Cheeto. A flaming hot Cheeto actually. Not only is this one of my all time fave foods, the costume screams IDGAF and is 100% hilarious. Katy actually captioned her photo on Instagram of the costume with “IDFWU *drops mic*” which makes her even cooler.

Katy-Perry cheeto

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