Best Celebrity Christmas Looks

With the endless holiday parties (generally of the ugly sweater variety), Christmas bar crawls, and general December craziness, we’re under a lot of pressure to pull out some great looking holiday cheer in the form of our wardrobe. If you’re into the ugly sweater thing, go crazy, I’m pretty sure they sell them literally f***ing everywhere at this point because they’re so popular. If you are like me however, a bulky sweater is the last thing you want to be rocking while you sip on your spiked egg-nog and try to spot a guy who doesn’t have a santa-worthy beer belly. For Santa- Con last weekend, I did make a pretty good get-up with a red dress, a big green bow, and some old green striped tights; but if you want to be a professional sexy Mrs. Claus, you should take some inspiration from these celebrity bombshells who made us want to take a trip to the North Pole.

Katy Perry


Do we expect any less from the sex-bomb who rocks lollipops on her ta-tas?

Pamela Anderson


Pretty sure anybody would be lucky to wake up and find that under their tree..

Britney Spears


As a bonus, this lovely blue get-up can also be used for a Hanukkah party!

Mariah Carey


If you’ve gotten this far into December without belting out “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” you’re doing it wrong.

Destiny’s Child


A great look for when you and your santa betches are hitting the town to look for boys on the naughty list.

Spice Girls


Baby, it’s cold outside, and sometimes a snuggie-like santa robe is the move.

And all the babes we’ve ever wanted…


Pretty sure no Christmas magic could top this ever again… and to think in 1997 I was busy playing with my new barbie dolls..

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