This Dating Website for Bernie Sanders Fans Is So Popular, It Crashed

Apparently a lot of people are trying to feel the Bern in more ways than one.

A dating site for single Bernie Sanders fans is going viral right now. And it’s so popular, the owners are trying to upgrade its servers to accommodate demand.

The site,, currently has a message from the owners saying that they’re trying to get the servers up to speed. Meanwhile, you can join the private Facebook group “Bernie Sanders Dank Meme Singles,” which looks like this:


So is dating someone based on their choice for presidential candidates a good idea? Studies have shown that matching your political beliefs to those of your boo can be a good idea.

Even if you’re into Bernie, you might want to beware male Bernie Sanders fans — they can be pretty annoying, at least on Facebook. But hey, his supporters also pretty sexy — Zoe Kravitz and Mark Ruffalo are reportedly stumping for Bernie. Maybe incorporating Bernie into your shortlist of dating requirements isn’t such a bad idea.

So it seems the only problem is the technical issues facing the folks at Bernie Singles. While they get things squared away, you could always hate-fuck a Republican.

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