Berlin Starlet Lary Speaks On The Industry & Selfies

Lary is the next big thing on the international music sphere. She represents her self-created genre, Future Deutsche Welle, and makes more than men’s hearts go boom boom boom. Check out our interview below:


EVE: You can’t live without…?

LARY: Singing, I get so dark and confused when I am ill and not able to sing and let shit out.

EVE: Releasing your debut album #FDW: What was the first thing you did when it dropped?

LARY: Took a deep breath and a deep slug of tequila, it was the best and the worst feeling. Fear and bliss at the same time.

EVE: How does the current state of today’s music industry affect you?

LARY: Looking at it from an artist’s perspective, almost everything that relates music with industry and business has lately made me feel like I am pretty much on my own. Which was very intimidating at first, but at the end of the day, very freeing and a learning experience. So I guess the state of today’s music industry affects me in a way that it just doesn’t really affect me anymore.

EVE: Three pieces of advice for the perfect selfie?

LARY: No idea, I don’t think there is such thing as a perfect selfie. I mean…’selfie’. It’s personal and highly subjective.

EVE: Sober or wasted banging?

LARY: The in between of course.

EVE: From woman to woman; what advice would you give your younger sister?

LARY: You were born a queen. Believe it. Own it.

EVE: Which film scene would light up your fire?

LARY: Paz de la Huerta in the opening scene of ‘Nothing Personal’. FIRE.

EVE: What fan-love action has flattered you the most?

LARY: On my first ever headline tour this year almost the whole crowd stayed after the show just to get an autograph, a hug or picture, or just to have a chat. Some waited in line for an hour. That type of commitment and love really really moved me.



Photographer: Kate Bellm

Story Curators: eVe without adam

Captured At Crackers, Berlin

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