Bella McFadden (Internet Girl) Shares Sparkly Shadow Tips & Platform Disasters

We chatted with Youtuber & InternetGirl – Bella McFadden about sparkly shadow tips, fashion disasters, and piercings. See our Insta-Crush interview with this cool girl below:


Your eyeshadow game is so strong. What are some of your favorite eyeshadows and tips for making it last all day?

My obsession has grown pretty recently actually. I feel lost thinking that I was previously going through a makeup routine without eyeshadow. I like to wear either pastel shades, or completely black on my lids. Sparkles too! I was at a shoot recently and the make up artist told me the best way to keep your sparkles together is using lube as a base! Haven’t experimented yet tho. 

We saw some of your old YouTube videos! How was YouTube instrumental in you getting your start?

OMG my Youtube vids! Half of them are me being emo in my dorm room last year. I would say that Tumblr, and Instagram were much more influential in finding myself and getting my start on the internet. 

What are some up and coming brands or designers you have your eye on?

I always have my eyes on the Maria Ke Fisherman and Nasir Mazhar new collections. BUT, some up and coming brands to watch in 2015 are Sowet, Dynasti and a couple other local brands around me in Montreal, like La Faille and Atelier Wonder

Do you have any fashion or beauty disasters you can share with us?

YES! So you can obviously tell that i have an unhealthy obsession with platform shoes & the best pairs are either vintage or 90s deadstock. I’ve been in one too many situations where I’m downtown/at school/or just out, and the platform will flop right off of my shoe. Basically, I’ll have to limp for the rest of the night. It is SUCH a disaster when my precious platforms crumble on me! 

You just got your conch pierced. Are there any other piercings (or even tats) that you have planned?

Hmm I’m not sure, hehe! Im satisfied with my conch right now but maybe there will be more silly tats in the future 🙂

Do you have any hidden talents that no one knows about?

Im a professional pageant stylist for my sister!

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