Bella Harris Is Balancing High School and High Fashion

At just 16, Bella Harris is a rising star in the modeling industry who’s balancing school and a thriving career. She caught up with Galore to share her makeup and hair tips and tricks.


What products do you swear by for your skin?
I always use Cetaphil daily facial cleanser & moisturizer. It’s the best, we buy it at the drugstore. When I’m working the makeup can pile up and Cetaphil is a calm cleanser. I don’t usually like to wear a lot of makeup so the moisturizer is all I use daily.

What have makeup artists backstage at the shows and on shoots taught you on beauty?
Makeup artists have taught me that less is more. Natural beauty will always come through and to embrace that. If I do get glammed up, the other lesson I have learned is to always take my makeup off before I go to bed.

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What are your winter makeup must haves?
Moisture, moisture, moisture! I always make sure to keep my face and lips moisturized throughout the day, especially in the  winter. I also use MAC studio fix liquid foundation with a drop of moisturizer so it has a less dense consistency. I feel more brave to wear a dark lip color in the winter.

How do you create perfect bombshell hair?
I have naturally curly hair so I used a good leave-in conditioner and a lot of mousse. I use a diffuser on my blow dryer and scrunch it upside down with my hands to make it big, fluffy, and curly! If I am going somewhere special, I use a really tiny curling iron and go over my whole head matching all my spiral curls. I shake it up so it’s not so perfect and it becomes bombshell hair.

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What’s your biggest beauty indulgences?
I think my biggest beauty indulgence is when I have my favorite makeup artist come over to give me a glam makeup look. I am addicted to a makeup artist named Dianna. She comes to my house to do my makeup for red carpet award shows, concerts and meetings. If I am doing a photo shoot and they ask me to suggest a makeup artist, I always say Diana.

Are you a lipgloss or lipstick kind of bombshell?
I am definitely a lipstick kind of bombshell. I LOVE a good matte lipstick. Every once in a while I will wear a lip gloss but that is rare.

What is your go-to nail color?
My go-to nail color would definitely be a pale pink. When I am working as a model I can’t have any distracting colors or designs on my nails. I often keep it simple, elegant, and neutral because something always comes up these days.

What tips should every curly girl live by?
The most important tip a curly girl should live by is keeping your hair moisturized. Curly hair can be dry and it can be prone to breakage. My hair soaks up conditioners and moisturizers so fast. I always apply some leave in conditioner when I get ready to go out and a little more when I go to bed.

What makeup product do you think is most underrated and why?
In my opinion the most underrated makeup product is under eye concealer. A little goes a long way if I am tired after a long day, a touch of good toned concealer brightens my under eyes perfectly. If I am wearing full glam makeup, a heavier concealer blended well highlights my entire face.

What product in your own makeup bag do you never leave without?
The product in my makeup bag that I never leave without is a good nude lip liner. My favorite is my MAC boldly bare lip pencil. Sometimes I use it on my entire lip.

5 tips for the perfect beauty shot for Instagram?
1. Know your angles. 2. Make sure you have a good go-to pose. 3. Good lighting is a must! 4. Always have a cool and clever background. 5. Just be yourself and don’t try too hard. I have heard that I should smile more. A smile is best and what people want to see.

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What’s next for you in 2017?
I am 16 years old and a Junior in High School. The first thing I want to do is get my drivers license and buy a cool car with the money I have earned so far. As far as my career goes, I have been balancing my time between working in New York and school and work in LA. I have been offered some wonderful opportunities that will materialize by next Fall. The biggest decision I am facing is if I am going to do online home schooling next semester so I am free to work and travel full time. I am excited for what lies ahead. I just want to do my best and make my family and my team proud of me.






Photography: Maddie Goldbeck

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