Bella Hadid spent the night tweeting about her non-bf

Just a few hours after committing an Instagram-stalking faux pas with her ex, Bella Hadid took to Twitter to tweet about another guy she’s been romantically linked with but isn’t her boyfriend.

And Bella’s message was very clear: she wasn’t interested in his peen.

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Sometime yesterday, paparazzi pictures began floating around the internet of Bella Hadid and male model Jordan Barrett.

In case you’ve never heard that name before, here are five things you need to know about him:

His middle name is allegedly “Kale.” He’s blonde. He spends a lot of time hanging out with hot female models on Instagram. His father was sentenced to eight years in prison for allegedly being the head of a $9 million cannabis cartel. And he’s got a tattoo of the word “psycho” on his left arm.

Basically, he’s a catch.

Only Bella’s not interested in reeling in her fishing line for him. Probably ever.

“J is like a brother to me buhhh this just ruined the surprise…interview w/ @DerekBlasberg coming soon,” Bella tweeted Bella tweeted alongside some pictures of them together.

And even though it’s not really important that you know this, Derek Blasberg works for Vanity Fair, which is presumably where said interview will be published. Why Jordan and Bella would be giving a joint interview is beyond me, but hey, guess we’ll find out soon enough.

But Bella wasn’t done speaking her mind, so she continued tweeting, saying, “On another note-whoever thinks it’s OK to photograph into someones home & private space is straight up sick, sad&fucked up. Time to move.”

So don’t get it twisted, Bella and Jordan are just friends.

Thanks for clearing that up, girl.

We owe you one.

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