Bella Hadid Goes No-Makeup On Her Latest Magazine Cover

Pulling off the no-makeup makeup look that’s pretty much everywhere besides Kylie Jenner’s Instagram feed can be tricky, but you know what makes it easier?

Having those Hadid genes running through your DNA code.

Today Bella posted a sneak peak at her upcoming cover for Porter Magazine, and while she’s likely guilty of following some of these sneaky tricks, she looks like a beacon of no makeup-wearing beauty.

In fact, my editor even went so far as to say Bella looks like a young Kate Moss in this picture.

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TBH, I don’t know about Kate Moss comparisons, but the more time I spend staring at her sun-kissed face, the more in awe I become of the waves of beauty radiating off her face and in the ocean behind her.

Mostly though, this picture just makes me wish summer was right around the corner.

And that I actually liked going to the beach.

Damn you for reminding me of all my imperfections, Bella.

But like, good for you for looking so good without so much makeup on.

Way to be good at your job.

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