Bella Hadid Stars In Super Sexy Love Magazine Video

On the fifteenth day of Christmas, my true love (the Internet) gave to me: a superhero named Bella Hadid.

If you haven’t already gotten in the habit of starting off your mornings by with LOVE’s holiday video advent calendar, do yourself a favor and start.  Already this month we’ve seen Kendall Jenner dress up like a shark, Gigi Hadid dance around in sexy slow motion, Pamela Anderson bake a cake, and Kris Jenner get her flirt on while listening to Trap Queen in a pool.

Today’s clip, which marks Bella Hadid’s second in a row, may be one of the shortest, but it’s also one of the most satisfying.

The video begins with Bella Hadid doing what bored, suburban bitches do: file their nails, and wait for something interesting to happen.  Luckily for Bella, that doesn’t take long.  In a matter of seconds, spurred on by a change in background music, the 19-year-old model jumps up from her velvet couch, lets down her hair, and starts spinning, generating a purple mushroom cloud from which she emerges dressed in a black and yellow polka dot peplum suit and an oversized yellow hair bow. 

Not content to look like the 80s threw up on her, Hadid starts spinning again, this time ending up in a thong, stockings and a very revealing halterneck button-up.  While she looks hot, this still wasn’t the look she was dreaming for.


Finally, after one last failed attempt which found her in bunny ears and lingerie, Bella finally gets it right, emerging from her cloud dressed like the superhero she is.  Running out of her house to take a spin around the block in her new, invisible plane, Bella blows us a kiss and drives off into the sunset. 


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