Bella Hadid & Drake were spotted at the same club, so of course they’re dating

Blame it on the fact that her ex-boyfriend is currently one half of a very visible couple, but every time the world gets word of Bella Hadid being in the proximity of a boy, people start asking if so and so is her new boyfriend.

Last week it was Jordan “Kale” Barrett, whom Bella confirmed she has absolutely no sexual attraction towards on Twitter. This week, it’s a famous rapper whose first name rhymes with Snake.

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As usual with these kinds of stories, the evidence linking Bella and Drake together is solid as a rock.

Are you ready for this?

On Tuesday night, Bella Hadid and Drake were both spotted hanging out at one of the only places famous people ever go in West Hollywood. The Nice Guy.

They arrived at different times, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, they both left around 3:30 in the morning, presumably when the club was getting ready to close.

Although they left in different cars, again THR reports the SUV Bella made her getaway in belonged to none other than Drizzy Drake.

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😍😍😍 (wearing @bagatiba hoops)

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June 19: #BellaHadid leaving The Nice Guy in Los Angeles.

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Are. You. Shook? I. Am. Shook. BRB. Just. Died. Need. To. Wait. For. God. To. Resurrect. Me.

While it’s entirely possible Drake and Bella took advantage of the fact that they’re both single and in the same place at the same time, the fact that they MAYBE hung out and MAYBE kept hanging out after partying together all night doesn’t mean they’re dating.

Because they’re probably just friends.

In case you’re not aware, Drake and Bella have a lot of mutual friends, like Hailey Baldwin and the Kardashian clan. And the last time people thought he was dating one of these millennial it-girls, it turned out to be nothing but two friends having a good time.

Plus it’s entirely possible Drake just lent Bella his car so she could go back to a friend’s house. He seems like a pretty nice guy if he’s not trying to bang you!

Also, not that this proves anything, but generally speaking, when girls plan on getting their thot on in the club with some guy they’ve been lusting on, they don’t show up wearing the same thing they wore all day. Which is kinda sorta 100% what Bella did.

Either way, we’re gonna need a little more evidence before we even get to the “are they dating” stage in their relationship.

So don’t get your hopes up that this is legit.

[H/T W Mag]

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