Bare Faced, Unretouched Inspiration From Bella Hadid’s Latest Shoot

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This week on Carine Roitfield’s Fashion Book came a photoshoot that is basically everything that all shoots should ever be. It features an un-retouched, makeup free Bella Hadid looking healthy and happy in Calvin Klein’s iconic undies. Though we love our contour brushes and red lipsticks, we also know that the world of makeup and modeling is a scary, fake place that makes normal girls feel bad that they don’t have laser sharp cheekbones and colossal asses on top of miniscule waists. Makeup is great and amazing as long as you remember it’s just makeup – no one’s face is that naturally bronzed and perfect. As far as the overuse of Photoshop in fashion shoots, it’s creepy and needs to end.

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That’s why we’re looking to Bella and Carine as the hailing heroes of a new movement of unretouched and natural beauty. If you yourself are afraid to go makeup free, check out how Bella is radiating confidence despite her bare face. It all comes from that natural smile (good lighting and professional photography also help). If there’s anything you learn from this shoot, it’s that going makeup free won’t make you look like a zombie after the apocalypse. BTW, Coachella is the perfect time to try out the bare faced life (because who wants to do their makeup and sweat it off 2 hours later?), so you can try out Bella’s look this weekend.

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