Being Single Versus Being Taken

It seems like everyone has an opinion on a young woman’s relationship status these days. We’re urged not to get tied down with a guy during the best years of our lives, but reprimanded for seeing multiple guys at once. We’re told to embrace our sexuality, but we still get called sluts when we have sex for fun. Here at Galore, we believe that every girl is entitled to their own opinion and their own lifestyle. By your young adult life, you know what works for you and what doesn’t, and if you don’t, you can take your sweet time figuring it out.


We’ve broken down the top 4 things about being single, and about being taken. Feel free to make your own pro and con list when you’re wondering if you’ve found a boy worth getting wifed for.

Best Things About Being Single:

1. Options, Options, Options: Being single while dating multiple men casually can almost be like a full time job. Do you go to the movies with the cute jock from your Sociology class? Or Check out that new Japanese place with the sexy older guy from the grocery store? If you know how to work your assets, being a single chick is like being a kid in a candy store, and you know you’ve got a sweet tooth.


2. Unpredictability: Whether you admit it or not, if you’re seeing someone, you are less likely to hit up a random bar or take a surprise trip. You want to stay close to your sweetie, and be able to get back to him at the end of the night. When you’re single, you become this adventurous babe that’s got no worries at all, not even concerned about how she’s getting home that night (if you get home).


3. Being as sexy or demure as you want: If you want to show up to the club dressed like a stripper, no ones getting jealous (except maybe the other girls there). If you want to do no shave- November, December, and January- nobody’s going to be able to complain. You may win your man by being sexy, but once you start dating he starts getting protective, and no chick likes being told how to dress by a dude unless it’s Tim Gunn.


4. No Tears!: I hate to be cynical, but if you start a relationship, you’re probably going to end that relationship at some point, unless by some freak alignment of the stars you end up marrying this dude. The easiest way to keep your heart safe is by not giving it away in the first place, and the only tears you’ll be shedding will be when you fall down drunk at the bar and break your new stilettos.


Best Things About Being Taken:

1. Constant (Good) Sex: Your partner knows what you like and what you don’t. Plus, you’re completely comfortable with him and hold no reservations in bed. You never have to deal with the struggle of being horny, but not having a guy to satisfy your needs, because just a quick phone call to your boo and he’ll be there.


2. Staying In is Acceptable: When you’re single, you feel like a loser if you don’t go out on a Friday or Saturday night. However, it is completely acceptable to tell your crew that you’re staying in for dinner and a movie with your man. Besides, they’re all going out to try to get laid anyway, and you can do that without paying a $20 cover charge.


3. Presents!: While I’m all for the get blackout drunk on Valentine’s day and buy myself a birthday gift thing, it is always nice having someone you care about to celebrate with. Especially if they’re getting you a nice gift (although it may take a few holidays for him to get it right, boys are slow).


4. Bad Days are Better: When things are good in your relationship, they are oh so good. When things are bad, they’re oh so bad. But, when things are bad in your life, you’ve got a nice boy to make it better. You can have the worst day ever, but after some impromptu flowers and some bomb sex, you’re feeling good as new!


The Grass is always greener on the other side, ladies.

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