Being A Pop Star Isn’t Always Easy: Madison Beer Addresses The Hate

With 2.4 million people watching her every move, Madison Beer can’t hide. That’s just the kind of life you live when you’re Justin Bieber’s Youtube discovery-turned-popstar. And with beauty, talent and worldwide recognition comes another kind of attention – the negative kind. “In some ways, being in my position at such a young age is hard. I have a lot eyes on me and many of those eyes are kids my age. I experience bullying on a daily basis,” said Madison.

Galore Mag Madison Beer

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Madison’s experience solidifies one thing – nobody is safe from bullying. Just because she’s beautiful and talented doesn’t mean she’s free from harsh criticism; instead, she’s subjected to more of it. There is one thing beauty and a singing career can’t help her with, however, and that’s confidence: “From time to time I can’t help but get a bit upset. Even though I’m strong, I’m also human and I get upset and hurt sometimes,” Madison shared. “You have to develop thick skin and not let it get to you.”

The thick skin Madison has earned comes with a little help— “I’m very grateful that I have my fans to always be there for me. I have many mentors who have helped me gain confidence in myself. Whether that’s with my music or my personal life. I have such great support – my family, my fans, my friends. I’m also lucky to have an amazing boyfriend who always puts a smile on my face!” she explained. When I asked her how she’s learned to cope with the hate on her own she simply stated, “I love reading the positive comments. I ignore the negative ones.”

Easier said than done, sure, but lucky for Madison, she’s found her release, “Music is incredibly therapeutic and is such a huge part of my life. There is rarely a moment when I’m not singing or listening to music. It helps put me in a good mood and forget about the stresses of not only being a recording artist in the industry, but also a teenager.”

When I asked Madison if she’d consider deleting her social media accounts for peace of mind, she was adamantly against it: “I wouldn’t want to delete my accounts because I love talking with my fans. Social media has helped me appreciate positive and kind people.” Perhaps that’s a glass half-full way of looking at it, but Madison also doesn’t really have another option. Deleting her social media would be a harsh blow to her career and the 2.4 million people who care about her profile. Whether it be through her online profiles or her music, Madison is spreading the message of individuality—“Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way. Be yourself,” she finished. 

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Galore Mag Madison Beer

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