Behind the scenes Q&A with Ashley Smith


The stunning issue 1 Cover girl Ashley Smith dishes on being a modern day Texan pin up beauty, making a change in fashion, and driving riding the boys wild!

– How does it feel to be the first ever cover girl for Galore? How did this match made in heaven collaboration come about?

I feel so privileged to grace the cover of what I know is the start of something so iconic! I believe in everyone behind the magazine with all my heart so I feel like a lucky girl to be chosen as the sexy cover girl for issue 1! I met prince and Jacob through their work in the fashion industry and our mutual artist friend Curtis Kulig. When Curtis told me about what they were doing with the magazine I knew I had to jump on board and be part of it.

– You look stunning in the photos, this shoot looks like it was wild! What was it like to work with Ellen Von Unwerth in the shoot?

Ellen is a total babe! She’s got the most amazing attitude a photographer could have and you know that when you’re in front of her camera you are not only pushing the limits but also having so much fun! My favorite part about working with Ellen is that you can be anyone you want to be, super sex bomb, crazy raunchy, funny faced, shy girl, screaming, laughing and by the time you walk off set you know that shes caught the most amazing in between moments of the madness. She not only leaves you looking like a babe, but makes for a wonderful iconic image.

– Being from Texas, have you ever ridden horses before? What was it like to ride and dominate the boys during the shoot?

Strangely enough I’ve never really ridden many horses growing up even though I grew up in front of a ranch. It just wasn’t my thing, I was more of a goth girl who hung out at the parks setting random crap on fire. But riding these horses in this shoot was an experience I didn’t want to miss. It was super fun to rough around with these gorgeous boys in masks. I’m not shy but I don’t like to hurt anyone. So even though it looks like I’m whipping the S**t out of them, I’m really only tapping them lightly 🙂

The art of Pin-up, pulp literature, and grindhouse cinemas were huge inspirations for us while making the first issue of Galore. What is your take on how models, and the perception of beauty back then differ from those of today?

Models back in the day were breathtakingly perfect! In everyway. I feel like today people find beauty in models and regular people in thier imperfections. Beauty isn’t boring anymore.

– You don’t have the typical “model” body. Do you see yourself making some type of movement in fashion? Perhaps by changing the perspective of the fashion world to come to embrace the body of a woman?

I believe I take part in the movement of vulumptious women in the fashion industry, but it’s been happening for a while now, I can’t take all the credit 😉

– Tell us about your experience modeling? And what is your outlook on the fashion world?

I’ve had a very peculiar career as far as the typical fashion model career. I didn’t start on the runways like most new faces, I started by meeting photographers and inspiring each other to make awesome pictures. These photographers must have loved working with me because I feel it was a hand full of people who had faith in me that helped me get to where I am today. When people first saw me, they were skeptical, short busty toothy blonde????? It took some time to prove them wrong and show the world I have everything and more that other models have. And now look where I’m at! I’m lucky to be working with an amazing magazine like Galore, not only because I’m having so much fun while doing it, but because it freaking rocks!

– What advice would you give to young aspiring models?

Listen to your guts. A lot of people will be putting thier own experiences on you when you are new, but everyone makes their own path, their own way. So listen to your instincts.

– What inspires your sense of style? How do you prepare for a night out?

I’m inspired by the eye-chatching, jaw-dropping, clashing patterns type of style. I like to put things together that other people would never think of. I’m not afraid to try new things or to use lots of color. I like to shine!

– Are there any special beauty routines or products you would swear by?

Mascara!!!!! Lots of mascara! I’m especially obsessed with YSL’s mascara volume effet faux cils in black. Or almost any of Giorgio Armani’s lipsticks! Sheer pink is a daily for me.

– What would we be surprised to know about Ashley?

In a complete dork and what inspires me most is when people are being their natural dorky self!

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