What We Learned From Behati Prinsloo’s Accidental Ass Flash


VS babe Behati Prinsloo looked sexy as ever at the opening of the Tommy Hilfiger store in Paris. Her pleated Tommy minidress was to die for, but Behati neglected to account for the wind in the air and ended up flashing her booty to the whole red carpet.


Can you hear the Parisians singing “I see London, I see France, I see Behati’s underpants”?! Actually, they would be wrong on that account, because from the pics, it seems like Behati is following the commando commandments and forgoing panties, despite the fact that she probably owns every panty VS produces. From this ass-flash, we also discovered that a butt (not to mention upper thighs) without cellulite truly does exist. Thought that was some sort of fairy tale situation, but nope, just the every day life of a VS angel/wife of a rock star. Not that we’re bitter. Love the dress, B.

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