BeGlammed Is The Uber For Beauty That Just Might Change Your Life

Sick app brah! If you’d rather get the five-star beauty treatment in your own appartment than in a packed to capacity salon, the newest fast beauty app is for you. It’s called BeGlammed Is The Uber For Beauty That Just Might Change Your LifebeGlammed, and it is exactly like Uber, except instead of requesting a ride, you request a hair genius (or should I say genie) to make you feel like a princess in your own home. It’s the kind of luxury that is normally saved for Cinderella stories, but is now totally accessible for your everyday babe who needs a beauty pick me up.

BeGlammed offers 3 price points (Glamorous, Beautiful, or Pretty. Is there really a debate on which you’d rather be?) which correspond to the skill level of the stylist who will be sent to transform you. You can choose from a blow out, up or down do. Pick a date, time, and plug in your location, and you’re all set to get beautiful.

Not Barbie enough to be Glamorous but unwilling to settle for Pretty, I ordered a Beautiful-level down do and a beGlammed rep was sent to make my dreams come true. My personal stylist (that’s the bougiest thing I’ve ever typed) showed up bright and chipper on a Monday with two tote bags full of magic potions and wands to transform me into the belle of any ball. Alright, so the potions were actually leave-in conditioner to tame my frizz and the wands were curling wands to complete the ‘do I had requested. We discussed what exactly I wanted done: after I instructed her to do “whatever inspires your heart”, we agreed that big, beachy waves would be the ideal look. She sat me down where I couldn’t catch a glimpse of myself  (note: if you dont like surprises, try and keep a mirror in proximity) and we were off to the races.

I was freaked, because she decided to blow dry my roots to smoothe them out. And frizzy waves do not take well to direct, high speed hot air coming at them. I could feel my hair losing its wave and poofing out at the bottom like a triangular wig. But I let it go– this was an experiment, after all. She set aside the blow drier and proceeded to curl each section of my hair as we girl-talked about our favorite products and the best curling iron available on the market (it’s this one). Whenever she finished a curl, she would bobby pin it in place to let it cool, thus making it last longer. After about an hour she took out all the pins, sprayed my curls, and sent me to look in the mirror.

It was amazing. There was not one flyaway anywhere. My stylist knew her stuff: sprays, leave-ins, and curling wands with three barrell attatchments are all things that never seemed so important before, and I was ashamed that I had ever doubted the nessecity of the blow drier. I looked like baby Lana Del Rey — way back in the “Born To Die” days when she had shoulder length curls. Best part? The ‘do lasted the whole week until my next wash. And feeling that great was a service I would order over and over again, no matter the price.

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