Before Brangelina: Who Angelina Jolie Used To Get Jiggy With

I had no idea Angelina has been married 3 times, including her marriage this week to some guy called Brad Pitt- who’s apparently very attractive. But before Brad there were an array of other romances that were all pretty interesting in their own right- eh, actually probably not.

Johnny Lee Miller
They met on the set of Hackers. At their wedding, she wore rubber pants and white t-shirt with his name in blood on it. So, yeah, that didn’t work out.


Billy Bob Thornton
They had an appealingly toxic relationship, whatever that means. But apparently they just woke up one day and weren’t in love in anymore. Bye bobby…


Jenny Shimizu
Angelina’s relationship with Jenny lasted a while and allegedly would have married Jenny if she hadn’t married Johnny? I dunno.


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