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Becka Diamond is Galore’s kind of girl. You’ve likely seen the front-row NYFW staple in all her gothic gorgeous glory on countless style blogs, which may have resulted in attempts to pull-off those killer cat-eyes. FYI: we do not recommend Duane Reade bleach, kids… (and we have a feeling the in-demand DJ would agree.) You’ve probably also lost your mind on many a downtown dance-floor to the sexy spinning machine’s mix of dark dance-floor gems and grunge-y classics. That is, if you got the coveted invite. Or maybe you spotted the vintage concert t-shirt super-fan at Galore’s Pin-Up Pop-Up Shop where she looked, duh, purrrfect. Meow! Nowadays, Diamond has added blogger to her resume, with 13:13, which is on my personal list of daily go-to blogs. At 13:13, you’ll enter Diamond’s wonderful world where y’all can pre-game to her moody mix-tapes, read interviews with her fab friends, and obsess over her head-turning fashion finds.

And we’ve got a special sartorial treat for you, our dear kittens!! Ms. Diamond took the time out of her dizzying NYFW sched to document one of her many amazing NYFW looks for us. In other words… RAWR!!

Becka Diamond

Becka Diamond Amanda Leigh Dunn P1040723ESML

Becka’s wearing…

– “Aloha From Hell” The Cast t-shirt.
Honor jacket
Zana Bayne bondage collar
Siwy pants
Chrissie Morris boots
Reece Hudson bag


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