5 Ways To Beat Snowflake Skin


Original Artwork By Elise Nielsen

Dear December,

You have completely ruined my skin.

Whether you live in Narnia or Southern California, females around the globe have one thing in common right now — snowflake skin. Dermatologists call it “severely affected dry skin”. You know, the one where it feels terrible but looks okay until you apply your foundation, then disaster strikes and you spend the rest of the day being mistaken for a dying snowman? Yes, you flake lady. That one! Every woman experiences the side effects of winter. Unlucky for us all, it’s not over. Lucky for you, however, I have five tips that are sure to save your skin from this season’s moisture vacuum.


Dr. Jart Ceramidin Starter Kit & Jurlique Rose Pure Essential Oil

1. Apply your lotion or cream the moment you get out of the shower. Lotions and creams serve simply as moisture locks. They do not magically inject you with liquid goodness; they act as a barrier so that moisture stays in and doesn’t go out.
2. Drink massive amounts of water! Grab two 1.5 liter water bottles and drink them both today. Well, not all at once because you might drown? Pace yourself. But seriously, nourishing your skin from within will give you far better results than anything you apply on the exterior.
3. Opt for creams over lotions during dryer seasons. Creams are heavier than lotions; and if your skin is begging for some moisture loving, this will be your best option. You most likely won’t break out, but if you naturally have oily skin, you might want to stick to using a lotion to prevent any unwanted pimples.
4. Try a product with a ceramidin formula, like Dr. Jart’s Starter Kit. Ceramides are the lipid molecules your skin is lacking when it’s dry. The Ceramidin Liquid helps soothe your skin, and the Ceramidin Cream moisturizes and protects.
5. Use an essential oil, like Jurlique’s Rose Pure Oil. Celebs like Miranda Kerr use rose oil to keep their skin looking soft and young forever. If your grandmother has naturally flawless skin, this was probably her secret. Rose oil helps particularly dry skin feel rejuvenated.

If all this fails, sit in a baby oiled bath until spring arrives. Good luck snowflake.

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