Beauty Fad: It Girls & Lip Liner

Although the use of lip liner has been around since almost forever, it recently took on an entirely new persona – The Kylie. Lately, there has been heated debate about whether her lips are “real” or not. My vote is that they are make believe with the use of incredible lip lining skills. Either way you feel, she posted an au naturale photo on Insta earlier this week and her lips look great! They have even kicked off a national phenomenon of girls who over-line, including older sister Khloe.

Let’s be honest, unless you’re Angelina Jolie, the goddess herself, chances are you have at least ONE thing about your physical appearance you’d like to change. As someone who first handedly knows the struggle of a small set of smoochers, a simple line of the lips (true to form) makes all the difference when applying my favorite lipstick. I for one, see nothing wrong with over lining OR fillers. If a female doesn’t like something about her face/body, she has all the right in the world to change it. That doesn’t necessarily mean go HAM and end up looking like Farrah from Teen Mom (RIP), but it does mean you have one life to life, so do as you please!

If you can’t afford to have your lips surgically plumped, take notes from those we see infiltrating our Instagram feeds, (ie. Hailey Baldwin, aforementioned Kylie Jenner and her crew). Invest in some quality lip liner, sit in front of your mirror and line until you can’t line anymore. To get an enhanced nude pout, I like to line with Makeup For Ever Aqua Lip in 1c, then fill in with a touch of a dark purple like NARS Scarlet Empress, and finish with Too Faced Melted in Nude. MAKE IT POP WITH LINER. This will save the female race from the ever so obvious “needle entered your lip right there” selfie.


Makeup For Ever Aqua Lip in 1cNARS Scarlet Empress & Too Faced Melted

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