Beach Betty Secrets You Need To Know

No matter how old I get, March will always be synonymous with Spring Break. What has been called the coldest February in NYC in 80 years has me looking at the Galore West Coast team’s Instagram pics, green with envy. If you’re anything like me, trips to warmer climates are almost prerequisite in brutal winters like this and one of my favorite places to spend the winter months is Sayulita, Mexico. This small fishing village-cum-surf town is truly a little slice of paradise and the people seem to be straight out of an inspiration board of a Vogue resort spread.  What’s they’re secret? You know those girls with that perpetual Blue Crush glow, perfectly ombre beach waves and asses pert from walking on the beach? If you can’t make it south of the border, here are a few tips to achieve Beach Betty perfection.

Lovera Bikini in the Cenotes

1. Vitamin D. From your complexion to improvements in your mood, I can’t stress how important it is to get some rays, even in the winter in NYC! People are sun worshipers in Mexico from slicing through waves to bonfires on the beach there’s a deep connection with being outdoors which is aided by the awesome quality of life there. It’s cold outside, I know, but spend 5-10 minutes each morning feeling those rays on your faces at the window of your apartment. Trust me, it does wonders.

2. Coqui Coqui Coco Coco Bath Oil – Your olfactory senses are the amongst strongest in memory recall so while you’re daydreaming of sandy beaches, why not give your imagination a little boost! The coconuts in this bath oil are native to the Yucatán Peninsula and smell heavenly.


3. The creative population of Sayulita never cease to amaze me with their style and effortless elegance. There are so many artisans selling one of a kind, handmade items in this town that I come back cringing at my Topshop chocked closet. One of my favorite bikini designers is Jade Lovera and her Loveera Bikinis; each one unique one, made by Jade are perfect for surfing and make your bum look amazing. 

In Lovera Bikini 1

4. Speaking of unique muses, those that know Sayulita, know the Mignot sisters, Les Gazelles, Sayulita’s ambassadors of hippie chic. You know the people that can wear jewelry on the beach with out it looking blingy or overly styled? It kind of seems like they emerged from the ocean covered in beautifully placed pearls? That’s them. If you’re ever in Sayulita, you should stop by their store, Pachamama. A Sayulita black pearl on a leather string is kind of like your Sayu-chic passport.

5. So you booked a ticket? Get a head start on that beach body by mimicking the real thing with a Surf Set Fitness class. These surf-inspired fitness classes are designed to build strong, lean surfer bodies by combining elements of aerobic fat burning, lean muscle building, and balance & core training in on top of a custom-made unstable surfboard.

Courtesy of Surfset Fitness

You can read more about Sayulita on my travel blog, ’N A Perfect World!

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