Kill Bitches And Get Paper With Rihanna’s Addicting ‘BBHMM’ Game

Rihanna isn’t just a pop star, she’s also a video star. Thanks to the good people over at NSS, you can now paint the town with Bad Gal Riri as bitch gets her goddamn money. The game is basically just like snake, except you can only play it on your computer instead of your brick-sized excuse for a phone.

All you need to play is an Internet collection and at least thirty minutes of spare time (because, just like the now-infamous ‘BBHMM’ video, this game bears repeating). Unlike real life, in BBHMM world, emojis are bad (except for the lightening bolt) and cash is everything. The more money you get, the longer the trail of blood behind you grows.  Play it on mute or be subject to a glitched out rendition of ‘BBHMM’ and enough Rihanna laugh samples to make you wish eternal sorrow on the girl.

Play it here, but just remember what the pursuit of cash can lead to.

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