Balmain’s New Sisters Campaign Is Very Intimate

Just like that creepy guy who lived in your dorm freshman year, Balmain has a thing for sisters.

Yesterday Balmain’s ad campaign for their Oliver Rousteing-designed fall line debuted, revealing four sets of siblings in poses you certainly wouldn’t have found in any of their Christmas cards growing up.   The ad stars Bella and Gigi Hadid, Joan and Erika Smalls, Kendall and Kylie Jenner and two men that nobody seems to care about because they don’t have four breasts between them (just kidding, their names are  Fernando and Armando Cabral).


Rousteing had the following to say about the campaign, “Collectively, they represent the fresh, diverse and open spirit of a new generation of fashion.  Watching them work together also made clear to me the universality of an age-old truth: the truly powerful strength, support and love that family members can provide to one another.”

When I was growing up, sisters spent their spare time loving and supporting each other by being forced to hang out together at home where they spent their time starting WWIII over which movie to watch, and continually bickering over who was doing a better job about ruining the other girl’s life at the current moment. But you know what they say, times change.  Thank God we have models to help show us the way.


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