Ballin’ On A Budget: Galore Girl’s Guide To Art Basel

In case this week’s insane drop in temperatures hasn’t given you enough of an excuse to take a trip, Art Basel is right around the corner! You know you’re not going to miss out on a chance to hop on a plane to somewhere sunny that’s swarming with the hottest artists and parties of 2014. But, what’s a girl to bring on her quick rendezvous to Miami? We’ve got you covered.

1. Bikinis, Bikinis, and Bikinis.

You know you’re already sick of wearing your coat. Take advantage of the warm weather (and possible tanning opportunities) as much as possible. Check out Nasty Gal, Beach Riot, and Beach Bunny for bikinis that can double up as swimwear and club wear, you’ll be a master of fitting all you’re stuff into a carry-on.

Galore Mag - Beach Bunny

Beach Bunny Endless Summer Top, 110$

2. Your iPhone, and all it’s fancy apps.

When you’re not frolicking in the sun ensuring that your cut-out monokini isn’t giving you a weird tan line, you might actually look at some art. I say look at, because we both know that your finances aren’t really cut out for bringing home a one-of-a-kind piece this year, maybe after you meet a sugar daddy. But, you do want to show off all the cool shit that you got to see! Hence, snap photos of everything. While you’re at it, get an app like Apple Pay for your phone, because the less stuff you have to haul around with you all day, the better. Make sure to bring a bag that can fit your iPhone, but won’t hold you down all weekend. We love a bag that can double as a cross-body or a clutch. Or perhaps a stylish fanny pack?

Galore Mag - Art Basel - Fanny Pack

Love Moschino Fanny Pack, $202

3. A Fresh Pair. 

Who knows what wild endeavors you’re going to be involved in all weekend? It’s probably not the best idea to keep your bikini bottoms on all day, simply for hygienic purposes if nothing else (wet spots on your shorts aren’t a good look for anyone). If you haven’t heard of Cheeki, it’s your answer for all your future travels. Cheeki underwear is an on-the-go panty for whenever you need it. Whether you need a fresh pair after a sweaty night of dancing or you “misplaced” your other pair in a mystery mans hotel room, you can somewhat discreetly whip these on during your Uber ride-of-shame back to your motel.


Cheeki Racy Lacy, 15$

3. Your Get-Hot-Quick Kit.

Art Basel is going to be filled with drunken sunny days breezing into throbbing, strobe-light nights. You’re gonna wanna keep your cool in the heat, but you aren’t going to have the luxury of your personal vanity and hours on end to get ready. Buy a facial cream that doubles as sunscreen, and embrace some beach waves (with a little spritz of a product if necessary). Don’t hesitate to throw some mascara in that new fanny pack of yours for emergencies.

Galore Mag - Art Basel - Rituoil

Uberliss Rituoil, 19$

Galore Mag - Art Basel - Makeup

Buxom, The Day Tripper Edition, 29.99$

5. Your “Try Anything” attitude.

Although you may want to plan your flight and accommodations ahead of time, our best advice for Art Basel is to go where the wind takes you. There is going to be so much going on that you don’t want to get your panties in a bunch trying to stick to a rigid schedule. The party that may seem like it’s not your scene may actually be the time of your life, and the pretentious gallery down the street from your hotel might actually have awesome free h’ordeuvres. Run wild!

Galore Mag - Art Basel - Will Smith

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