9 badass womxn give us some badass phrases to live by right now

It’s amazing being a womxn – we are strong, beautiful, intelligent, powerful, and tbh, the shit. 

We got to ask 9 womxn who inspire us what quote they would use to describe their badass selves. It’s always such a gorgeous thing to see and hear women being confident in who they are. We hope these ladies can inspire you to walk a little taller today, too!

Check out the exclusive photoshoot and inspiring quotes below! And don’t forget, you are WOMXN, and you are BADASS!

1. Junia, 25, Brazil:

“I’m fueled by risk!”

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2. Nerida, 26, Brazil:

“I am a woman. I am black. And I’m gonna rule!”

3. Thais, 24, Brazil:

“Fighting fakeness by never faking it!”

4. Leticia, 21, Brazil:

“No one needs to like what I do and who I am, but I will!”

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5. Jacquee, 26, NYC:

“Clock the mug!”

6. Chavi, 23, NYC:

“Blazing my own trail, knocking down doors!”

7. Jaela, 16, NYC (repped by Krush):

“50% black, 50% costa-rican, 200% badass!”

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8. Scarlat, 23, Brazil:

“I bite! With love…”

9. Soukeyna, 20, Washington, DC:

“I’m ME 24/7!”

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