Powerful Photo Series Shows How Bad People Are at Photoshop in 19 Countries

It seems like every few months, a new Photoshop stunt about standards of beauty goes viral.

Usually, it’s a bunch of photos of the same woman, altered to fit into different countries’ ideas of what the perfect woman would look like. Here are two examples.

Whenever something like this goes viral, news outlets pounce on the opportunity to share the photos around while calling them powerful, eye-opening, and thought-provoking. But the only thing we can ever notice is how god-awful the Photoshop is on these things.

The latest viral beauty standards photo series includes a photo of the same man, edited to fit the visual ideals of 19 different countries. Here’s the original photo:

And here are three of the worst Photoshop jobs that resulted from it.

The first comes from the good old U.S.A. Did you know that our idea of male perfection includes Guy Fieri hair, a tank top tanline, and a single giant arm vein? So Jersey!

Next up, we have Russia, where lavender underboob and stapled-on hair extensions are so hot right now.

And in South Africa, it’s considered beautiful for men’s nipples to be located exactly in the middle of each pec.

The weirdest part: no one thought to Photoshop out the tufts of hair on homeboy’s big toe. That’s the first thing we’d hit the blur tool with.

The horrendous Photoshop skills on display in this particular photo series are pretty much par for the course. Just look at this photo from a similar project:

Is she melting? What’s the deal?!

It’s good to know that bad Photoshop skills know no international or political bounds. But how the hell do these things get so much acclaim whenever a new one comes out? Maybe we should start getting even more aggro with the FaceTune on our own selfies and they’ll start to go viral. You never know.

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