Bad Girls Club: 5 Lady Villains That We Love To Hate!

Female villains are so much more fabulous than their good girl counterparts? Is it their tantalizing costumes, their dark beauty? Or is their heightened intelligence and conniving whiles? The truth is, there is always a degree of depth to these lady villains that their protagonist females lack. In Disney movies, it is always the bad girl who seems to be a better role model than the good one. Snow white slept through the movie, Cinderella would be nowhere without her granny’s magic and Sleeping beauty was a bit of a plain Jane in all honesty. So let us take a moment and pay homage to those frightening females who we all can’t help but adore.

1. Maleficent of Sleeping Beauty: I love Maleficent because she is an avenging fairy who can turn into a purple dragon, put a boy through Hell and look fabulous in black while doing it. Sleeping Beauty was a bit of a boring bimbo. Honestly, I will never understand why no one wanted her at the party.


2. Bellatrix Lestrange of Harry Potter: She was a lot scarier than Voldemort because she was out of her goddamn mind. But with her goth eye makeup, witchcraft expertise and spooky comeback lines, she was easily the most fabulous witch in the movie with Professor McGonnagal as a close second.


3. Angelique Bouchard of Dark Shadows: There may not be very many who are familiar with the Tim Burton vampire movie of 2 years ago but for those of you who are, is there anything sexier than Angelique in her glitterred gown with the slit up the side, tossing her glossy blonde hair while telekinetically ramming Johnny Depp into the wall and then having such intense sex with him that her office is ultimately destroyed??? Didn’t think so.

Dark Shadows

4. Kathryn Merteuil of Cruel Intentions: Kathryn is such an evil bitch, and I remember wishing that I were her when I was in high school. She wears corsets under her blazers and hides cocaine in her crucifix. She makes cute little blonde Annette look like a dumb schoolgirl. And she does it all under the nose of her high society elders. Just a thought though, where were her parents throughout that entire movie??


5. Catwoman: In every incarnation of Catwoman, this anti-hero attracts all manner of awe and admiration. She tames Batman with her leatherclad sex appeal and then takes him down with her martial arts prowess. Truly, the best female super-villain in history as well as perhaps one of the best super-villains in general.


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