Backstreet’s BACK, Again

In random-yet-awesome, news, the Backstreet Boys celebrated the premiere of their new documentary, Backstreet Boys: Show Em’ What You’re Made Of, that details their 22-year-long (!!) history has a band.  Since we weren’t invited to the screening of the most iconic 90’s documentary possibly ever, we’ve decided to celebrate in our own way: the definitive ranking of the perfect BSB song for every moment of your life. Enjoy.

When You’re Telling Your Ex How Badly You Wish Shit Had Worked Out And They Won’t Shut Up

There is nothing more cathartic that scream-singing ‘I Want It That Way’ to yourself alone in your bedroom as your reminisce about the past on a Friday night. Seriously, you should try it sometime, shit is profound. “Am I your fire/ Your one desire/ Yes I know it’s too late/ But I want it that way.” V Nostalgic. V deep. V moving. :'(

When You Step In the Club And You and Your Clique Are Feeling Yourselves

This is like, just came back from summer vacation, everyone gather ’round and check out my flyy new haircut, type jam. There will never be a better entrance song. Period.

When You’re Desperate As F*** 

Let’s face it ladies, it happens. This jam is for when you’re home alone perusing Tinder, or third-wheeling with your BFF and their significant other for the third time this week. Or when you’re post-breakup and searching for a rebound to make your ex jealous. No shame, we’ve all been there.

When You’re Being A Strong, Independent Woman Who Don’t Need No Man 

This is for when you’re done with that player you’ve been obsessing over for months. You deserve better girl! Have a good cry and move on with your fave boyband. Also, watch this video. Lots of dudes with open shirts, six packs, and early 2000’s hair. Exactly what you need.

When You’re Feeling Emo 

Single tear. Feel for you girl.

When You’re Saying Thank You to All Your Fans

Omg thanks guyssss you look cute tonight too!!!!

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