Baby, It’s Cold Outside: 4 Reasons Why Winter Is The Sexiest Season Of All!

Winter has a lot of downsides to it for sure. The icy winds, the abnormally early nights, sleet and black snow coating your suede boots. I am a summer girl through and through, but there is a reason why you see so many pregnant women walking around in the summer time. Winter will get you hot and bothered! Especially since it is too cold to go outside, too dark to do anything other than cuddle in bed, accompanied by someone attractive. Here are four reasons why Winter is the sexiest season!

1. Cold nights spent in front of a warm fire: Is there nothing hotter than good sex on a (faux) bear skin rug in front of a roaring fire? There is just something about a hot, blazing image that makes you want to start some hear of your own.

2. Presents: Gift giving opens up so many sexy opportunities! What will I put on my list this year? Lacy nightie? Japanese dildo? Cat o nine tails? We are all grown up now people, no need to stick to gift cards and stuffed animals ( I still want a gift card though).

3. Hot, Spiked Drinks: Some of the most delicious mixed drinks are spiked winter drinks! Hot rum apple cider, whiskey spiked coffee, peppermint schnapps hot chocolate! Ideal for standing outside in the snow with the partner of your choice.

4. Cuddles: As I said, winter is a very boring month. Instead of subjecting yourself to the arctic temperatures and unforgiving terrain, I suggest you hole up in your house with a fire and a mug of warm, adult beverage and snuggle up with someone fabulous! Happy Winter.


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