Babes on the Beat: Brooklyn’s DJ Sisters Analog Soul on the Future of NYC Partying

If you’ve spent anytime in the Brooklyn techno scene then there isn’t a chance you would have missed this pair: Analog Soul. Kat & Jacky have been killin’ the techno game for some time now, but only recent has the scene caught up to the kind of music they’ve always been playing. If you’re about this weekend YOU MUST catch them spinning at Trans Pecos for OPEN EARTH: OUTDOOR DAY JAM.

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Interview by UMFANG

NYC is really alive in dance music right now. Where do you see the future of partying in NYC?
Kat: Partying in NYC going back to it’s underground roots with more DIY venues. Granted alot of promoters are using real venues again but there’s still a need to experience the rawness of an obscure warehouse space in the middle of nowhere. People want a place to party all night and morning.
Jacky: I feel like the scene has always been alive in NYC. But Brooklyn particularly is experiencing a fresh new surge of energy now with Clubs like Bossa and Output being open and recently Verboten. There are so many events happening all the time that there is really no reason to go to the city. The future of partying in NYC is Brooklyn.

Djing separately has allowed you to break into different crowds. What do you consider to be the defining difference between your music selections?
Kat: We actually have very similar tastes in terms of selection. I think perhaps our style of DJing is different. Jackie plays more aggressively in my opinion. But it happens often when we play back to back that she throws on a record that I intended to play.
Jacky: Our sound/selections are actually similar. Every gig we’ve ever done together we end up having some of the same music and one person will play a certain track before the other got a I would say I think we have different styles of playing the same sound and this is where we set ourselves apart.

How do you feel about DJs that play off an ipod vs. killing it on vinyl?
Jacky: I’m a vinyl head and come from the vinyl DJ culture era but I also play traktor (not from my computer but using the vinyl plates) when I don’t want to carry records I play Cdjs…I think it’s about the music at then end of the day. Having all vinyl doesn’t mean anything if the music/programming doesn’t work.

Who was the first DJ to blow your mind?
Kat: Mark Farina. He was one of the first DJs listened to when I first got into house music in ’98. Something about his track selection and the way his mixes tell a story is the reason why I wanted to be a DJ in the first place. I’d love to meet him one day actually.
Jacky: As far as technical skill, power and programming, I would say David Morales.

Do you feel pressure to come out with your own music?
Kat: Not at all. In fact I really love producing and have been DJing less to focus on production.
Jacky No. But realistically, anyone that is DJing and wants to widen their audience needs to produce.

Are you working on productions?
Yes. I’m currently producing and have some projects in the works that should be out soon.

How can we listen to you?
Jacky: I have a radio show on on Fridays at 9p EST.

If you could DJ back to back with anyone other than your sister who would you pick?
Kat: That’s a tough one, but maybe Moodymann. I love the rawness of his sets and the fact that he plays across the board.
Jacky: Theo Parrish.

Where do you want to play that you haven’t?
Kat: The Endup in San Francisco. This spot was the foundation and my early introduction to house music.
Jacky: In NYC, Cielo. Has an incredible sound system.

How deep is your love for NYC? If you were offered a residency abroad would you take it?
Kat: NY is great but I love to travel so would jump at the chance to move.
Jacky: Definitely

What is the best place to dance in NYC?
Kat: Bossa Nova Civic Club.
Jacky: Bossa Nova Civic Club.


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