We’re pleased to be showcasing French singer and actress Soko as part of our new issue. Her editorial shot by Danielle DeFoe is spectacular and we’re so happy you finally get to see it all. Check out the pictures and interview below.

Photographs: Danielle DefoeSOKO_L2

You’ve been in the studio working on your new album, can you tell me a little about it?
YES, i’ve been in the studio everyday for the past 4 months. I’m recording with Ross Robinson at his studio in Venice beach, right on the beach.. couldn’t imagine a better situation to feel safe and creative. we’ve been recording 20 songs so far. I was about to do a short album, very quick, but each time I play a new song to Ross, he wants to capture it. So, we ended up with many songs. It’s a lot more punk, post/punk than the first record. It’s called “my dreams dictate my reality”, it’s all about Dreams obviously, and wanting to be a child with big dreams forever. Also, there’s a bunch of synth strings, kind of 80’s sounding. Ross is great at goth stuff, he recorded The Cure, which is one of my favorite band He is all about raw emotions and getting firey performances. I’ve been playing bass a lot, which is turning out to be my favorite instrument.


How would you describe your creative process in both music and acting?
Acting is a way to escape my own life. I love the idea of not thinking about my own problems for a second and putting myself in somebody else’s shoes. I get super focused and involved and go way far into my characters, to the point that it sometimes gets a little scary when I have to go back to real life. With music, it all comes from the selfish act of self-reflection. Writing is a way for me to back up all my life’s most existing, sad, happy events, all my wonders. Then after a few days of insomnia it all comes together in a song, it’s almost like throwing up a song. It feels absolutely vital and almost like a rush to be out of me, an absolute necessity.

How would you describe your personal style?
Hmm…I don’t…whatever is clean…


Who are your icons?
Sylvia Plath.

What qualities are you attracted to in the person you’re dating?
Extremely loving, partner in crime, caring, cuddly, incredible sex, and very good at communication.

When and where was you first kiss?
At school, hiding behind some bushes, I was 11 I think.. He gave me a note asking  “let’s kiss behind the bushes at lunch break”.


What has been your favorite place you’ve performed?
Union Chapel in London, it was incredible. It was my first UK show touring my record “I thought I was an alien”, I was so surprised that it was sold out, such a good vibe in there. It felt very holy!

Favorite place you’ve traveled?
Australia…if it wasn’t so far from the rest of the world, that’s where i’d want to live.


What have you been listening to recently?
Lots of post punk bands also been obsessing over Felt, Monochrome Set, the new Cate Le Bon record, The Only Ones, The Jam, Richard Hell.

How would you describe your basic life philosophy?
and “you snooze you lose”
and “we might be dead by tomorrow”



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