Azealia Banks’ New Song Reminds Us To Stop Talking About Her And Start Listening

Azealia Banks has been writing bangers since her debut track “212,” but most of the media attention in the recent years has focused on Azealia’s behavior outside of her work.

Not today. Azealia Banks reminding us that no matter what you may feel about her opinions, she’ll fuck up any beat in an exactly perfect way. Her new track, “The Big Big Beat,” produced by An Expresso, is a dance track that goes hard.

“Here comes the big bad witch on the big big beat,” the 24-year-old rapper raps, probably a reference to the reputation she’s now cultivated, based on her tendency to speak loudly and openly regarding racial issues and hypocrisies within the music industry.

Say what you want about the Broke With Expensive Taste singer, she doesn’t care, and neither do we; we just wanna dance to “The Big Big Beat.”

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