These 10 Trends Will Be Totally Overdone This Summer

Trying to be trendy always walks a fine line.

Some looks are so fashion forward that you’re worried you’ll look crazy, and some have been around for so long you’re worried they’re now traipsing into “basic” territory.

Well, here at Galore, we have a special way of sussing out which trends are on their way to Basicville: see what’s trending on Pinterest.

Pinterest released its summer trend report, which includes the top searches. This means that all the Pinteresters are trying to wear these trends and looking for inspo via their fave bloggers or whatever else goes on in Pinterest land.

Most of the trends are cute, there’s no doubt about it, but if you’re not trying to accidentally match with your cousin Mandy who already has her wedding planned, you should maybe avoid these lewks this summer.

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1. Embellished Slides

If you were really into the fur slide trend, you would’ve bought the Fenty ones (or the zillions of knock-offs) when they came out last year. But now everybody is going to be flopping around in fur and beaded slides all summer, so if you thought shoes like these were going to make you stand out, try again.

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2. Gingham

According to Pinterest, everybody is going to be running around like thotty Dorothys all summer. I’m personally here for it, but if you’re worried about blending in, try a different pattern.

3. Bandanas Tied On Random Body Parts

Tattoo chokers are officially basic, so Insta-thots are moving along to tying bandanas around their neck instead. Cute.

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4. One Pieces

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I bet five years ago you never thought you’d see the day that one pieces trumped bikinis, but it’s happening right before our very eyes! Weirdly enough, wearing a bikini might make you stand out this summer. Especially if it’s not a thong.

5. Millennial Pink

Don’t act like you’re surprised about this one.

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7. These OG Britney Hats a.k.a. “Baker Boy” Hats

@lisamayjolley is goals Shop the Baker Boy Safety Pin Hat or regret it later. Code 1061570

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Remember when Britney spears made this type of hat a classic? Allegedly, with the rest of 2000s style, it’s all coming back around. Hard to say if these will be more basic than those “slogan” straw hats, but I guess we’ll find out.

8. Straw Totes

This is great! #lilyandbean #outofoffice #summertime #beachbag #strawbag #strawtote #cutegift

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Speaking of straw hats, straw totes are set to be everywhere. Seems very mom-ish, but I guess this is Pinterest, let us not forget.

9. One Shoulder Shit

Luckily, this is a subtle enough trend that you can rock it without matching all your besties who still shop at Victoria’s Secret, but just be warned that it’s going to be everywhere.

10. Jean Skirts

Jean skirts ruled the hallways in 2007, and they’ve been coming back with a vengeance ever since this past fall. They’re finally hitting the mainstream, and while they might be everywhere, you can’t deny that they go with freakin’ everything.

[H/T: Cosmopolitan]

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