Stories by Kyana Tahjai

  1. This Is What The Female Friend Zone Looks Like

    Here at Galore, we don’t believe in the friend zone when it comes to guys thinking girls owe them sex in exchange for their friendship. Still, we’ve had girls convince us of the unbelievable: that the female species can get trapped in the friend zone, too. Below, one writer meditates on what it’s like to

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  2. What to Tell a Dude Who’s Threatened by Your Vibrator

    Since I was 18 I have been obsessed with vibrators and sex toys. But unlike most people, I never incorporate them in my sex life. I prefer to keep my sex life and my masturbation completely isolated from one another because my masturbation can be therapeutic and that alone time doesn’t even have a sexual

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  3. When It’s Okay to Outgrow a Friendship

    All month long, Galore is celebrating what it means to be independent. Click here for more. I’m very snake like when it comes to friendships. Not in a bad way — but I outgrow people who would otherwise stunt my growth, like a snake sheds its skin. I used to be a part of larger cliques

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