Audrey Kitching’s 5 Favorite NYC Vintage Stores

I hungout with Spin style editor and renowned fashion blogger Audrey Kitching at Screaming Mimi’s to see which outfits took her fancy and recommended us some other vintage store that we’d be interested in. Check out her awesome and exuberant tastes!


Screaming Mimi’s: “Screaming Mimi’s is one of the cutest vintage shops in Manhattan. The store is segmented by decade and theme, like 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, and contains all sorts of goodies, from vintage over-sized 70’s sunglasses to gloriously tacky and big 80’s earrings. They also have an exclusive upstairs section with vintage designer and couture, like Chanel and YSL. A lot of film stylists pull from their archives, with good reason!”

Three looks:




Other notable vintage stores in NYC

Amarcord Vintage: “Another favorite of mine is Amarcord Vintage, located in Brooklyn and SoHo. Their high-end designer collection is to die for, with pieces from Christian Lacroix to Alaia to Issey Miyake. I’m also excited to be teaming up with them this spring on an exclusive curated collection of designer vintage, so keep an eye out!

Search and Destroy: “Search and Destroy on St. Marks is an absolute riot, brimming with some of the most fun punk rock vintage and second-hand clothing and accessories in the city. This Japanese-run shop takes no prisoners with its collection of funky studded jackets, Vivienne Westwood jewelry, and aisles of colorful, tongue-in-cheek tattered vintage that just may have been pulled right off the streets of Shibuya.”

Hamlet’s Vintage: “Located in Greenwich Village, Hamlet’s specializes in kitschy vintage from the 40’s through 80’s. If you’re looking for vintage cowboy boots, funky printed tops from the 60’s, or a vintage 70’s maxi dress, this is your place.”

The Family Jewels: “Another great vintage shop is The Family Jewels down in Chelsea. They specialize in turn-of-the-century to 80’s period pieces. They have a large, gorgeous and highly coveted collection of vintage, not to mention a super cool celebrity clientele including Christina Ricci and Twiggy.”

Photographs @FrankieFatGold

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