Audrey Hepburn’s Granddaughter To Cover Harper’s Bazaar

Emma Ferrer, grand-daughter of Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer stars as the cover girl for Haper’s Bazaar’s September issue.

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In a fashion shoot with Richard Avendon’s grandson Michael Avedon, Ferrer dresses in Lanvin and Carolina Herrera, mimicking her grand-mother’s iconic Funny Face style poses. The 20 year old Academy of art student also gave an interview on honoring her grand-mother’s famous impact on fashion, charity and the big screen.

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“I remember seeing a photo of her jumping on a trampoline—I believe this was before I understood that she was famous. But I remember thinking that she looked like a friend I wish I could have had.”

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“I’ve been questioning a lot lately what she means to me. I knew her image, of course, and that I happened to be, by pure chance, related to her. But as a child I couldn’t really relate to Audrey Hepburn, the actress. ”

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“Somehow, seeing her in her youth and brilliance reminded me that I do, in fact, carry her spirit along with me.”

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“I’ve seen My Fair Lady and Roman Holiday, but I suppose my favorite is Funny Face.”

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“Sometimes when I was younger, I felt confused toward what having a grandmother like her could mean in my life, but I am now understanding.”

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