ATL TWINS: Talk Cartoons Tom Ford And Sex

These guys, well, need little introduction. If you’re not familiar with these set of twins, this interview will surely get you acquainted. ATL Twins aren’t necessarily everyones cup of tea, but that said they are keeping things raw, fresh, and undeniably interesting in the world of pop culture. Check out their editorial and interview below!

Photography: Jacob Dekat

Creative Direction: Prince Chenoa

How does the DP thing work?

Double penetration is blown out of proportion. We’ve done it millions of times. For the most part, we f***ing love bitches. We have big dicks. Girls aren’t gonna let us f*** with our hands. If she’s a freak who likes to take it in the ass­ that’s rare. If they are down and we start to do it, they’re like no. The way we share girls is for example we’ll start going at it she’ll start sucking his dick and i’ll start giving it to her in the back. We do do it, but most girls cant deal with it. Its too tight for them.
Favorite cartoon when you were kids?
He-Man. To be honest, we don’t like cartoons. We liked the Smurfs back when we were kids, but we don’t like them anymore. Something about it puts me to sleep, can’t focus on it. We don’t have time. The closest thing isToy Story, enchanting shit. We liked family movies growing up: Home Alone 1 & 2 we like to watch them when were going to sleep. Mostly they’re just background though. We also like really disturbing and independent movies like Kids or Story Telling; Happiness is also good. We like child molestation movies, not that were into that we just like controversial movies that make you think. We don’t watch garbage like Fast and Furious. We don’t watch TV, though recently we watched Breaking Bad in like 2 weeks. We don’t like PG 13 movies, it takes away from the rawness of it.
What type of weed would you guys be?
We’d be the best there is. We would be like a euphoric weed. Weed is too potent these days. It’s like f***ing acid. We gotta already be wasted.
How does it work when you have a girl that the other one doesn’t think is hot, do you take it for the team?
We don’t do that. We like to f*** the same girl just for continuity. Sometimes one of us will f*** one girl and the other will take another into like the living room, but for the most part it just usually works out. We f*** the same girl. It’s like our thing.
Latex or lambskin?
Who has the bigger dick?
We’ve maxed out at around 9 for real. We’ve never had any complaints.
Would you rather pop Molly or rock tom ford?
I don’t really know Tom Ford. What the f*** is Tom Ford? What does it look like? Molly is dope. It’s essentially meth. It’s one of those man made drugs so you don’t know what’s in it. We’re just kinda over it. When we were younger it was more magical. Now we don’t f*** with it.

Marry, F*** or Kill: Kim, Khloe & Kourtney

We don’t watch that show. We would marry Kim cause she’s gorgeous. We’ll kill the fat one, and f*** Kourtney. We don’t care about the Kardashians though. We would rather f*** the Olsen twins. We’ve never been with twin girls. The type of chick we will marry has to be gorgeous, have an accent and be exotic and amazing. There’s a misconception with girls, they think we will exploit them, but really we are sweethearts. We’re gentlemen.
Interview by Jeremy McClain

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