We asked music festival fuckboys what it means to be a fuckboy

Here at Galore, we know a thing or two about fuckboys.

We know all the signs, how to spot them and then how to GTFO. Hell, we even held the world’s first ever Fuckboy Olympics, giving out medals to pop culture’s fuckboy elite!

This past weekend, we went to the Meadows Music and Arts Festival, and much to our surprise, it turned out to basically be a haven for fuckboys (in addition to many amazing people with incredible taste in music, and some seriously fire performances).

So we decided to capitalize on this opportunity. We asked them to pose for a pic and tell us what they believed the definition of fuckboy was. Some were right on the money, but others realllllllllly missed the mark.

Check out the lucky guys below.

Anthony (L) and Jay (R). 27 and 30.

How would you define a fuckboy?

“A loser” – Anthony.

“A good word for a dirtbag” – Jay.

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Pete, Chris and Nathan. 24, 25 and 23

How do you spot a fuckboy?

Pete said, “I think a man-whore who likes shitty music. Also a douchebag.”

“Make sure you emphasis the shitty music part,” added Chris.


Andrew, Samuel, Peter and Rando? (Rando refused to talk to me but wanted to be in the picture – total fuckboy). All 24.

How would you all define a fuckboy?

Peter said, “Probably uneducated, in his teens.

Samuel added, “Yeah and he cheats on his girlfriend and still relies on his parents’ money.”

* Samuel wanted his photo taken alone, and I felt compelled to include this fuckboy stance*

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JD, 23.

What’s a synonym for a fuckboy?

“A womanizer. Wait, are you asking me because I look like a fuckboy?”

Alex and Jason, 37 and 38.

How would you describe a fuckboy?

“There’s a lot of them here, but I think now it’s the bros are now the becoming the millennial fuckboys,” Jason said.

Ian, 23.

What do you think a fuckboy is?

“110% me.”

100% on the money, dahling.

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