Ask Tinderella: Should I Give Up On Tinder Girls?


Dear Tinderella,

I really enjoy your blog. Reading about your dates reminds me of my time on Tinder, and all of my own awful dates that I went on. I had a question for you, and hoped that perhaps you could give a good answer.

I’ve recently come out of a bit of what I like to call a “rock bottom phase” of my life, and now that I have things together again I’d like to re-enter the dating scene. I’ve considered Tinder, but I’ve used it before and the women that I encountered were either not worth mentioning, or so horrible that I could start my own blog. To give you a bit of an idea, there was a stretch where being stood up was what I assumed the average outcome of a Tinder match was.

To get to the point do you think I should steer clear of the “online dating scene” or just try and power through the inevitable bad Tinder dates until I find someone right for me?


Single Canadian guy

Hey Single Canadian guy, thanks for writing in and sorry that you have been going through a difficult time lately.

You mention that you’ve recently come out of a ‘rock bottom phase’. How ‘out’ of it are you really? If you are still rebuilding yourself emotionally, then honestly my advice would be to hold off on dating for awhile.

Dating can be a great way to move on from heartbreak and rebuild your confidence, but if the emotional issues run deeper than heartbreak, you can fall prey to using dating as an escape and potentially start a relationship as a way of avoiding facing up to your issues.

I’ve said it before but, corny as it may sound, I truly believe that you have to learn to love yourself before you can form healthy relationships with other people.

If you think that you are in a good place to start dating, then I definitely think you should stick with Tinder! I’m not sure why you are getting girls who stand you up but if this keeps happening then maybe it has something to do with the dates you are planning? Try choosing a nice cocktail bar, and make sure it’s convenient for the girl to get to. Also, always text your date the morning of, to confirm your plans!

Either way, keep moving forward and trust that love will find you, when you are ready for it.

Tinderella xx

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