Ask Tinderella: Is This Normal Behavior?

Dear Tinderella,

I met this super cute guy not on Tinder, but one of the many other dating apps out there back in October. We chatted for a bit, he asked for my number and we met on a Sunday for some drinks. We had a great time – he was one of the first guys I had actually clicked with since moving to NYC (I am an expat), and it appeared that he felt the same.

This is where it all gets a bit weird. We text a lot, but it took him about a month until he asked me out again. In between this we had messaged a lot. We’d also shared some drunken messages and he stayed over one night – but nothing happened, he didn’t even try to kiss me. Anyway, in total we have had 3 dates, and a couple of sleepovers. Whenever I see him he showers me with compliments, tells me how great I am and how much he loves seeing me. At the moment we are at the stage where he texts me once a week to tell me how much he likes me/how pretty I am.

Is this normal guy behavior? Is it time to call it a day?

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This is distinctly ABNORMAL guy behavior. WTF? This guy sounds insane. I don’t understand any of it.

I’m so confused… do you mean that on your ‘sleepovers’ he doesn’t try to kiss you? Are you cuddle buddies? Is he asexual? What’s going on?

He texts you once a week?

He loves seeing you but he rarely tries to see you?

There’s definitely more to this story…

I think that in a situation like this, you should initiate ‘the chat’. You need to figure out where he stands because right now he’s cartwheeling all around the place and it doesn’t make any sense.

He says that he likes you, but actions speak louder than words and it doesn’t sound like he’s doing much by way of SHOWING you that he likes you and wants to be with you.

If he can’t give you a commitment, or at least a valid explanation for his lack of commitment, then I think it is absolutely time to call it a day. Unfortunately, he sounds like a time waster. He’s giving you little crumbs but you should be getting the whole bloody cake if he’s Prince Charming. And it should be calorie free but still as delicious as a five-thousand calorie cake too.

I’ll cross my fingers that he mans up, but I think you should brace yourself for a disappointment with this one.

Tinderella xx

Do you have a dating question for Tinderella? Email your questions to with the subject ‘Dating Advice’.

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