Ask Tinderella: Am I In The Friend Zone?


Hey Tinderella, 

My best friend is a follower of your blog and directed me to you for some much needed advice lol.
I met this guy on tinder 8 months ago or so we’ve hung out too few times in this span because he only wants to hang out either my place or his, literally will not take me out. However he implies that he likes me, I’ve met his friends, and we talk every day; convo just flows.
He’s completely aware that I’m not DTF, unless the situation becomes more serious but he continues to stay close to me. (We’ve hardly done anything sexually.) I think he might just see me as one of his friends but every once in a while will remember that I actually have a vagina or something lol. But then again he’s always implying that he really likes me so idk I’m a lost puppy over here.
I’m really not the type to bring up the “what are we,” card as I’m pretty much physically incapable of getting feelings like this with people lol, but I do really like him. What do you think? 

Hey Anon, this is a super weird situation that I’ve never seen before. I’m as stumped as you are about his intentions.

Right off the bat, I’m concerned that he doesn’t want to take you out. Not only is that weird, it’s totally rude and disrespectful. Even if he has no money, he could still plan to take you on fun dates that don’t cost anything like going to the park, or going to a museum. The fact that he insists on only meeting at either of your apartments shows that he’s not trying to put in any effort to win you over, and that would be enough for me to tell this guy to hit the road – which I suggest you should do!

I also don’t understand why he hasn’t put any moves on. He’s respecting your boundaries, which I concede is cool, but it also sounds like he isn’t even kissing you when you hang out? That’s weird. Also, 8 months is a very long time to hang around just to get laid, so I doubt this is about sex for him either. What it IS about, however, I have no idea.

In conclusion, this guy is messing with MY head so lord only knows what he’s doing to you… YES you should 100% ask him what the hell is going on, and free yourself (on way or another) from this dating no mans land.

Then please let us know what he says because this is all so confusing…!

Good luck!

Tinderella xx

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