Ask Galore: “Should I Get My Nipples Pierced?”

While body piercings were once a thing for the extremists, punks, and “bad kids” of the world, they have become pretty damn mainstream in recent years. Additionally, celebs like Rihanna, Amber Rose, and P!nk show theirs off regularly. It’s become so popular, that I’ve been asked by multiple guys I’ve hooked up with: “Ever thought about getting your nipples pierced?” When reaching out to friends, I realized that so many girls I know do in fact have their nipples pierced, and I never would have known! Here, they dish on the pro’s and con’s of getting your lady bits pierced:



– Guys LOVE them
– “I love the pain of getting pierced, so this was my favorite piercing”
– It always looks like you’re nipping out (if you’re into that)
– The first piercing doesn’t really hurt
– You look/ feel like a badass
– It makes your nipples extra sensitive when other people touch them (hello foreplay!)
– “I personally think it makes my nipples look better”
– “Once you get them, you never want to wear a bra”

– “For the first couple of months, they are super sensitive. Not just when they catch onto things (which happens ALOT), but they also get infected really easily.”
– “I was really drunk, and had fake nails on once with hoop piercings and accidentally got my nail caught on the ring and pulled it out— that was horrible.”
– It always looks like you’re nipping out (if you’re not into that)
– The second piercing hurts like a bitch because the adrenaline has left your body (you could always get only one pierced, like Rihanna)
– “Boys tend to bite them harder, which can really f***ing hurt”


Looks like the pros and cons seem to balance each other out. Bottom line, it’s your body, and ultimately your decision if you want to pierce such a sensitive part of your body. DO NOT do it because your boyfriend thinks it’d look hot, or because your best friend wants to get them done together. Having pierced nipples seems like a lot of fun, but also a lot of work, so the ultimate choice is yours babe!

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