Ask Galore: Should I Date Mr. Right… With a Catch?

Hi! I’m writing to Galore because there’s something that’s been puzzling me for awhile now. I’ve been active on Tinder for a couple months now, talking to guy after guy (mainly talking to guys who only want to hook up but what are you gonna do). Recently I started talking to a guy that actually takes interest in getting to know me, texts back, asks questions about what I want to do with my life, basically I can tell he’s looking for more than a hook up which is refreshing. However, there is one slight problem; he has a kid. Now if I was in my  late 20’s or older this would be nothing but I’m only 20 yrs old and I love kids but dating a guy with a child is something I’ve never been interested in. So to sum this up my question to galore mag is; should you date a guy that might be what you’re looking for even if he has one big flaw?

– Brea


Hey Brea!

First off, the fact that you’ve found a guy on Tinder who’s looking for more than just a hook-up is a win in itself. Apparently it’s really hard for dudes on the app to muster more than a “what’s up” or a “what you doing tonight” these days.

I think the way to approach any dating situation is to take it step my step. I’m assuming that you haven’t met this guy in person yet from the way you’ve worded your question. He might be really awesome via text message, but what if you don’t end up hitting it off in person? Although I can definitely understand why you wouldn’t necessarily want to date someone who has a kid at your age, I don’t think you should automatically nix this guy just because of something that happened in his past. You also shouldn’t worry about something like that until you actually know if he’s someone you would consider dating long-term.

If anything, the fact that he’s open about having a kid means that he might be a little more responsible and caring than a lot guys your age (which might explain his superior Tinder banter). If he seems like a guy that you would have fun with, then you should definitely go for it. I wouldn’t worry too too much about the fact that he has a kid until you’re literally bringing him home to meet your parents.


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