Ashley Sky’s Top 5 Healthy On-the-Go Snacks

Who better to hear fitness tips from, but Ashley Sky? Wait NO ONE. One only has to visit her awesome blog XOAshSky.Com to see that Ashley clearly knows how to live her life and maintain looking like a bombshell. If you haven’t taken a look at her blog XOAshSky.Com, then do that right now it will give you all the motivation and inspiration you need to stick to that fitness plan that you’ve started or are thinking about starting. Here’s Ashley Sky’s tips for this week, enjoy folks and TAKE NOTES.

Images below by Megane Claire

I make these ahead of time and throw them in a plastic container to take with me when I’m traveling. Sometimes I throw them in my purse for an easy and convenient snack on super busy days!



Frozen Grapes

Pretzels and Hummus

Pistachio & Almonds

Cold Pasta with pesto

Read Ashley’s previous tips here and don’t get to visit her blog XOAshSky.Com


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