Ashley Sky Drops 6 Golden Workout Tips

Galore goddess Ashley Sky offers us her best workout tips, that if you’re interested in fitness, you should definitely adhere too. Because if you have seen Ashley’s body, (which you definitely would have by the time you’ve read this post), you’ll know that it’s evident her tips work!


Ankle weights are my secret weapon!
I use them almost everyday for easy leg & booty workouts at home and I pack them in my luggage and use them in my hotel room when traveling! You can even use them for arm weights.


Squats & lunges!
Fit them in whenever you can. When you brush your teeth, do walking lunges as you’re going to the kitchen etc.


Blast the music!
I cannot work out without music. And I’ve found that the louder it is the more I’m in my zone and can push myself even harder. I like listening to anything with a good beat!


Stretch everyday!
Stretching is so important, it keeps your muscles long & lean. I’ve learned to really love stretching. It’s relaxing on the days I don’t workout & keeps my body feeling great.


Step ups!
Step up on a chair with one leg & raised the other knee towards your chest, step down with the raised knee & bring your other knee down into a lunge.


The Burn
Learn to love the burn! Just know that your body isn’t changing if you aren’t feeling the burn. There is no getting around it, if you want to stay in shape & be healthy you must workout so you might as well learn to enjoy your workouts and love that feeling of your body changing!


Xoxo Ashley Sky Xoxo


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