Eccentric Lady Asher Jensen Reveals Must Haves For Bag-Phobic Ladies

As of late, many girls have taken to carrying nothing more than one of those duel iPhone case/ credit card holders to avoid lugging around a traditional purse. But much like a turtle carries his home on his back, busy b!tches sometimes have to carry their lives with them. What to do? Well, we turned to Asher Jensen of the eccentric style site One Turn Kill. Not only does Asher make her living reimagining the way we look at fashion (and that includes the bags we choose to trust with our most valuable posessions) but she wasn’t always a bag efficianado. After two mishaps involving her wallet, two different restaurants in New York City, and loads of stress, she decided she should get into them. Upon hearing this story, we knew that Asher felt our pain. She gave us her recommendations for the bag-phobic ladies who can’t afford to lose one more wallet. If you’re in that boat (or you’re just scouting for a cute new purse), consider giving one of her easy as pie favorites a try. Here are the no-fuss bags Asher is loving for every occasion.


I’ve been switching between two different bags depending on what I have going on for the day and, more importantly, what I’m wearing. I like to have a light bag and a black bag in my arsenal for every occasion. If a lighter colored bag is what I need, I go for my Hare & Hart bucket bag. I tie up the shoulder strap so it sits up a little higher for comfort, but it’s still easy enough to untie and throw it around my bod to run around.


When I need black, I go for a Brandon Blackwood NYC shopper tote.  It’s like a black leather grocery bag, throw what you need in it and go!



When I need to carry around my laptop, a.k.a. when I actually get dressed and leave my house to work, I carry my Valas bag.  It doesn’t look like a computer bag, and the spikes on the bottom enable it to double as a weapon should the situation arise, so basically it’s perfect.


Night Out:

When I go out, I don’t want anything that will get in my way for any reason.  In swoops Hare & Hart again, this time with their mini satchel.  It’s another bag that could definitely be used as a weapon because it has leather wrapped metal handles, but let’s hope it never comes down to that.


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