Artist Katie Fischer Is Curating Art As Well As Creating It

Check out our interview with artist Katie Fischer, she just collaborated with the charity Chashama to create an exhibit called Studio Artists which launches today!


How would you describe yourself as an artist?
I am a concept artist. Essentially this means that I explore an idea or element of society and then employ the best discipline to express my opinion. I have worked predominantly in photography, but I have also worked with sculpture, writing, directing and painting.

Where can we see you work?
I just had three pieces at the Chicago Art Expo in September and I am donating a piece to the silent auction for Artwalk that will take place on October 30th.

Career highlight:
Having the luxury each day to think critically about society and express that through art is always a career highlight! Working David LaChapelle’s Deluge art shoot was also incredible.

Tell us about this event you’ve created:
I have been working with Chashama for the past year and a half. First as a chair to their annual gala and now as a curator of an art show pulled from the studios of their 96 artists. Chashama provides low-rent workspaces for emerging artists.

How did you chose the artists?
I knew I wanted the show to be about transformation through movement and rebirth. I recently heard an amazing quote “if you’re not constantly being born you’re dying” and chose pieces based on this subject. Also all of the artists in the show are women.

Tell us about the charity:
Chashama is an incredible organization founded by Anita Durst. She had the brilliant idea to use her real estate connections to find vacant buildings in the New York area and then transform them into low-rent artists studios. Speaking from experience there is no greater cause than supporting emerging artists.

What’s coming up next for you?
I will be showing during Art Basel in Miami this December!

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